The Reverend Canon Richard D. Visconti, D. Min., Rector
The Reverend Canon Paul Forsyth Wancura, M. Div., Rector Emeritus

With the first of this month we begin a new church season. Lent, is not everyone's favorite time of the ecclesiastical year. As we know it begins a time of fasting, denial, and repentance for us and our church family. A time that began with the idea of commemorating the Lord's forty day fast in the wilderness and His spiritual fight with the Devil during that time.
Let us this Lent of 2017, be one where we keep our eyes fixed on Him, not allowing our sight to be obscured by distraction and falsehood.

Our Cemetery & Artifact Database is Open!

After two years of development and data entry, we are "going public" with our database, powered by Omeka. Omeka is a free, open source content management system for online digital collections.

Still a work in progress, the database now contains just over 1,000 items. It features many of the headstones in our cemetery, artifacts, and a collection of the Rectors of Caroline Church. Many thanks to the hard work of our Historical and Cultural Artifacts Commission.

To enter the Omeka database, click here or use the menu item under "History."




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