Caroline Church in the Spring

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Some photographs of the buildings and grounds taken in May 2001 by Parishioner Len Calone.  Click on the image to see a full size image.  Warning: the full size images are large files and may be slow to download using a dial-up connection!!

A view from the parking lot to the main entrance
From the southwest corner of the church graveyard, the twist in the steeple is visible
A view from the east
From the north; the Parish House is in the foreground
From across the Village Green; a view from in front of our neighbor, the Setauket Presbyterian Church
Our front parking lot is small, but there's more parking to the east, around the Marco C. Smith Building. The fence was recently replaced, and is a replica of the original fencing.
From the west; again the steeple of our historic church shows it's unique twist
The Marco C. Smith Building to the east houses offices, classrooms, a kitchen and general meeting rooms.
Teachers and children on their way to church school
The Rectory lies just west of the main grounds . . .
. . . overlooking the Village Green and Emma S. Clark Memorial Library
"The Rookery" also lies to the west of the churchyard, just behind the Rectory.  It was recently donated to Caroline Church.
It's beautiful grounds are a wonderful addition to our complex.


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