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receipt for $38.03 revd by John Mount on account of John Jayne's obligation

Receipt for nails and shingles to Nathaniel Liscombe from Henry Smith. In pounds, shillings and pence

received from Henry Smith for liquor provided to Charles Dallas while reframing the church. $16.50

Received of Philip Longbotham $5 for Mr. Jane's subscription - signed by Seabury

receipt Amos Smith to Chas. Seabury - "on acct. of my salary"

Receipt Amos Smith to Chas. Seabury - $7.00, subscription to church

receipt from Longbotham to Chas. Seabury

receipt for salary - Seabury - 2 sides

Receipt for salary - Seabury

Receipt for salary - Seabury - $20.00
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